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Product development

What do we do?

Through in-house developed and patented heat exchanger, combined with our heat exchanger technology, we designed burner systems that are very compact units,highly suitable for installation in existing machines and systems. We have a standardized concept that is easy to adjust to the customers' needs, such as power or application. We are also able to develop completely new solutions. In addition, we can take care of design, prototyping, testing the entire process, approve, production preparation and manufacturing for you.


How do we do it?

Based on our years of experience with gas heating, our specialized suppliers and business knowledge and by close cooperation with the client, we develop customized solutions. Our company has a fully equipped laboratory with a climate chamber. In here we can test and measue pilot lines under varying conditions.

For whom do we do this?


We develop gas-fired solutions for (industrial) processes for which hot water, steam, hot air or heated oils are needed. Our customers are found in various industries, such as catering industry, plastics industry, mechanical engineering, process industry, and more.